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For Release: August 27, 2012

QC company purchases Mama Bosso Pizza:
Local entrepreneur plans to add jobs and new products

Quad City-based American Food Styles, LLC announced its acquisition of Mama Bosso Pizza from RCM Smith, Inc. and intends to add new products to the brand along with new jobs at the firm’s Rock Island location.

(Rock Island, IL) -American Food Styles, LLC (AFS) has purchased the assets of RCM Smith, Inc, manufacturers of Mama Bosso Pizza, based in Rock Island, IL. AFS is headed by Scott Florence of Bettendorf.

Mr. Florence has founded AFS, dedicated to owning, consulting and purchasing food brands focused on authentic food styles. “Mama Bosso Pizza is a regional pizza brand that has a great opportunity for growth,” says Florence. “Ninety-five percent of Americans eat pizza once a week, and frozen pizza is especially popular here in the upper Midwest.

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